We're here to help. We work to help people maximize the clothing they already own. 



The Idea


Underfuse was founded in the summer of 2011 by Tal Cohen. He's trained as a design engineer and had been working with a number of top design companies including 5 years of product innovation at Nike.

By this time working out with your smartphone was the new normal and he noticed how people at the gym were lacking really good ways to hold their devices. They would leave their phones on the ground while doing floor exercises,  their phones would fall out while working on the bench, or women would hide their phones in their waistband or sports bra. He started playing with ideas which would enable people to securely attach a pocket to clothing they already own with just a household iron. After a few months of tinkering Underfuse was born. 



The Company


After getting to a proof of concept Underfuse was launched via a successful Kickstarter campaign which allowed us to place our first large order from the factory. Over time we've added to our product line and adapted to the changing landscape of technology and fitness.

Underfuse continues to operate out of New York City where design and distribution is based. We have partners all over the world and are always tinkering with the next innovation we'll offer our customers. 

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