A few of the best options for carrying your phone while working out

We all love to take our phones with us when we work out, whether it is at the gym or out for a long run. There are a multitude of products to help you do this and although we are partial to one particular solution we wanted to take a look at some of the best options out there. 

  • Armbands: Besides pockets, armbands may be the original solution to hold your phone – it’s perhaps also the most popular. This solution keeps your device fairly accessible and visible – allowing you to change a song or open an app quite easily. One of its downsides includes its location on the upper arm – making it difficult to manage and in the way if doing exercises which require arm mobility (weightlifting for example). Pros: Accessibility   Cons: Constricting for some activities
  • Personal Item Belt (SPIbelt):  This is another really popular item that you see a lot of runners using. The SPIbelt is basically a waistband with a large zipper pocket to hold various items. It’s a versatile pocket that can hold a range of phones and other items you might want to take along. One downside is that the contents aren’t as secure as other solutions since there is a single large pocket, allowing the contents to shift and bounce around on the waist. Pros: Versatile pocket  Cons: Not secure when active
  • UnderfuseThis product takes a different approach to addressing this challenge by allowing you to add a custom sized pocket wherever you want to clothing you already own.  Underfuse comes in a few sizes which allows you to securely carry most sized smartphones as well as other items such as keys and cards.  The other unique benefit to this accessory is that the pocket is adhered to the clothing – ensuring you won’t forget it at home or lose it. Pros: Inexpensive, customizable  Cons: Adheres to clothing
Tal CohenComment